Monday, October 31, 2005

ATTABOY, Fr. Malloy!!

A Catholic school in Waukesha County is the first non-profit group in the nation to cancel a coveted American Girl Fashion Show amid concerns that the Wisconsin-based doll company behind the show gives money to a national girls organization that presents abortion, contraception and a lesbian sexual orientation as acceptable.

News of the decision by parent volunteers and the pastor at St. Luke School in Brookfield is being reported in bulletins at Masses this weekend.


Formerly known for decades as the Girls Clubs of America, Girls Inc. has more than 1,500 centers across the country. Most serve minorities in low-income neighborhoods.

On its Web site and at the centers, it offers a wide range of programs, resources and advocacy positions to help educate and encourage girls in everything from science and athletics to health and sexuality. That includes support of abortion and contraception along with sexual abstinence as acceptable choices for girls. It also includes affirmation of lesbian sexual orientations.
[Kinda. Girls, Inc. also actively campaigned against the Istook Amendment]:

Rep. Istook sought to increase funding for "abstinence until marriage"
programs by $33 million, taking the money from the Centers for Disease Control
and the Child Care Development Block Grant. Abstinence funding was already
slated to increase by $20 million in FY 2002, which is $10 million more than the
President requested. In a report released in June, the U.S. Surgeon General
found insufficient evidence that "abstinence until marriage" works.Girls Inc.
opposed this amendment.

Fr. Malloy is right. Integrity is priceless.

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Fidei Defensor said...

Happy to see we have a Catholic school upholding Catholic Values without the Bishop having to get invovled like the mess in CA.