Monday, October 17, 2005

How Sleaze Works

Owen wonders, and JJBlonien wonders---how come TABOR has been buried? How come some relief from the confiscatory gas-tax has been buried?

Especially by the Republican majorities in both Wisconsin houses??


John-Boy Gard has his bag open. Actual tax or spending reform is NOT going to happen while the Boy Bagger traipses around Northern Wisconsin, gathering offerings from the Highway Pavers lobby.

And since the race has been going on for 1 year, the blundering which allowed Jimbo Doyle to screw over the taxpayers in the current budget is included.

Maybe if John Gard ever had a real job, he'd get it.

And if BagBoy sends me a fundraising letter, I will fill the return envelope with an appropriate material--fully organic--before mailing it back on his postage-paid dime.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great analysis!

Vrakas carries water for bagboy Gard. Still no vote on TABOR in the Assembly and these guys lead the assembly. They are not true fans of TABOR. Only Lassee is worthy of our support as TABOR fans.