Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jeff Wagner Gets Spun

This morning, WTMJ-radio ran some sort of advertisement (???) for Froedtert Hospital. It's hard to tell exactly what the spot was--

Wagner was interviewing Steve Hargarten, MD, who practices emergency medicine at Froedtert. Hargarten proceeded to tell Wagner that gun violence is a "disease." Wagner was obviously either comatose OR had been instructed to keep his mouth shut, because this "disease" stuff is a re-run of Clinton baloney--with the objective of placing gun regulation under the domain of Centers for Disease Control (!!!)--facilitating a lot of onerous regs which are "for the children," you know...

Hargarten then did NOT answer Wagner's followup question--rather, the good doc-in-the-box chose to talk about the number of times that a gunshot victim is in the hospital and tells the doc that "the gun went off...."

Guns do NOT "go off." Somebody pulls the trigger.

But there was no objection from Jeff. Ah well. Such is the nature of propaganda from Froedtert Hospital.

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