Saturday, October 15, 2005

Federal Tax Reform?--Not in ANY Lifetime

Short Hits:

1) As the American Spectator makes clear, tax lawyers and accountants have nothing to fear--the 9 million lines of IRS Code will remain more or less intact, despite the "Tax Reform" Commission's complete waste of time and effort.

If there is only one thing that the Commission actually accomplishes, however, it should be the repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax--an out-of-control idea straight from Hell, which exacts an extra penalty on people from Wisconsin, and people with children.


2) Belling got this one right: Wisconsin "Republican" Legislators are whores, and the predominant johns are the asphalt-road-paving firms. Since our little Pubbie boys and girls have sold themselves to the roadbuilders, you can expect to simply pay more and more and more for highways that are mostly used by deer, wolves, and bears in Northern and Western Wisconsin.

After all, John Gard wants to become a Congressional Whore--not just a State Whore. Gotta move up that food chain.


3) Bagman Jim Doyle, rolling in out-of-state campaign money, vetoes a bill that would have said physicians, nurses and other medical professionals could not be fired or disciplined for refusing to participate in medical procedures like abortions, assisted suicide, euthanasia and the destruction of human embryos. "...a doctor should always do what is in the best interests of a patient’s health,” Doyle said in a statement. (HT: Owen)

Only Jimbo could define getting murdered as 'best interests of' It's that UW Law School Ed-yew-kay-shun.


4) ....and Broussard Makes Three...not just a parody song title. The Dumbest Duo (Nagin and Blanco) are now joined by a County exec who made damn sure that the pumps would not be running as Katrina dumped water all over NOLA. Broussard's also blatantly lied on national TV.

It's no wonder that 40% of the evacuees have NO INTEREST in returning to NOLA.


5) Candid and deliciously descriptive:

You have to have lived day-to-day for the last quarter of the 20th century in academe with all the “do-gooders” — marxoid as well as feminist (little difference) — to get a feel for the fundamentally infantile rage that drives them. “Power,” which is their obsession doesn’t in fact mean “strength,” “control,” “discipline” but simply sadism. This is why they abuse their students in the classroom where they have a bully’s control over them.

The frightening thing here is how many there are of them: academe is simply crawling with them in the social sciences and humanities departments, showing that the universities and colleges, run now by “administrators” who have no professional intellectual commitments of any sort, have made themselves havens for just this sort of people.

...and the author was a full prof (English) at MARQUETTE U. HT: The Warrior-Bulldog

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