Friday, October 28, 2005

The Dem's Plans for the USA

Separately, Clinton administration secretary of state Madeleine K. Albright delivered a report to top Democratic congressional leaders calling for a 50 percent increase in federal spending on homeland security, the creation of a domestic intelligence agency, and a Cabinet-level ranking for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

From Little Green Footballs' Quote of the Day.

What's the FBI doing if not 'domestic intelligence'? Patty-cake?

Ms. Albright's separation of the FBI from "domestic intelligence" is not exactly a heartwarming concept. But there are people who could help set it up. Many of them speak German and their business cards are from Stasi. Others speak Russian, and come from the KGB.

Maybe Gorbachev is looking for a new job.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she is recommending this because the FBI resources are being used for Homeland Security issues instead of other issues (white collar crime, drugs, gun crimes, etc).

Dad29 said...

The solution is MORE FBI resources, not a Directorate of Internal Intelligence.