Saturday, August 01, 2020

Today's (D) Party and Bernardine Dohrn

A Communist criminal terrorist from the Milwaukee area certainly has influence in the Democrat Party of today.

...the Venceremos Brigade was a Cuban communist front group founded in 1969 by Fidel Castro and the radical members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Brigade was run by the Cuban intelligence service, the General Directorate for Intelligence (DGI)....

And who were members of this Communist front in the US??

...a group of radicals including SDS leader Bernadine Dohrn and Castro apologist Saul Landau traveled to Cuba to meet with the Vietnamese and launch the Venceremos Brigade.  ---D.Horowitz/P. Collier quoted at Breitbart
So.  Who cares?

Karen Bass--high on Biden's VP list--cares.  She was a member of Vinceremos and still loves her some Castro-Communism.

Smell the continuing Obama/Dohrn/Ayers influence here?  Smell the rotting odor of 100 million people the Communists killed off to effect "Progress"?

Have you figured out that the Communist-backed Black Lives Matter have plans for you?

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