Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Keeping the Mob Off-Balance

While it's not likely that a mob will hit your neighborhood, here are a few thoughts on making their life difficult without the use of lethal weapons, courtesy of The Captain and one of his commenters.

Note:  "NPT" is "neighborhood protection team."  You should have such an entity and a fast phone/text method of reaching members.

Also note:  the mobs are using green lasers to blind their targets.  Green lasers are extremely dangerous to the intended victim; you cannot blink fast enough to prevent damage.  Thus, your objective will be to distract/deflect. will not defeat the horde standing in front of your domicile. Members of a NPT can operate in unison, one or two from different angles with high lumen spots to blind (especially if the spots have a strobe function) while other members of the team engage with weapons (as an obvious last resort) or with our own lasers. But blind with spots and lasers briefly and then move. Blind again from a different vantage point and move again, from the flank, the rear, etc. The goal is to spook the mob and sow fear and uncertainty. 

Just throwing it out there, how about blanks fired, again to sow uncertainty and hopefully a stampede of the mob. We should all have a considerable advantage regarding terrain, cover, lanes of ingress/egress in our own neighborhoods. I am not [nor] could play a bona fide operator on TV. But I do have a very thorough knowledge of my AO in daylight or dark, can maneuver undetected, understand camo have NV and thermal to assist. Certainly YMMV and simply posit the above as a thought experiment hopefully with refinement from folks with more practical experience in hostile situations.

Oh, and pop up flares could be used as well. Much easier to launch w/o ones position being detected. Can we not also throw frozen water bottles, fireworks, wrist rocket projectiles arrows with small game tips instead of broadheads from the cover or darkness to sow fear and confusion? PCP air rifles might be a tactic when plunking them off the ANTIFA shields or helmets or vehicles (some of the recent reports of the incursions have mention support vehicles for the mob). Tire bang strips to disable the mob support vehicles? Paint balls on the windshields to limit visibility?...

Naturally, you can use lethal force if your life or that of another is in danger; you can also use lethal force if you or another are in danger of great bodily harm.  But it's a last resort.


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