Thursday, August 20, 2020

Un-Masking the Covid Crapola

The Annals of Internal Medicine will soon be 'disappeared' by the propagandists.  So let's learn about the propaganda the TinPots and "health" "experts" are shoving down your throat, eh?

The Annals of Internal Medicine just published a comprehensive new study on how contagious the COVID-19 virus is. And I’m sorry to report that the case for a number of popular new practices that seem to have filled some spiritual need a lot of Americans have for self-abasement just completely collapsed.

The list of practices no longer having any conceivable rationale includes:

  • Closing down schools.
  • Closing down gyms, barber shops, or any other businesses.
  • Limiting the number of patrons allowed in restaurants or other businesses at one time.
  • Mass testing for the COVID-19 virus.
  • Putting healthy people in quarantine.
  • Keeping a distance of 3, 6, or some other arbitrary number of feet away from healthy individuals.
  • Healthy individuals with no criminal intent wearing masks when it’s not Halloween.

Likewise for any other humiliating rituals state and local officials plan on forcibly enacting to keep you safe from the scourge of COVID-19 that their own sense of self-worth precludes participating in.

Well, that's a good reason to keep this under wraps!  

The study followed 3400 Chinese to determine how contagious this disease really is.

Short version: it's not very contagious at all.

Even people with symptoms turn out to be not very contagious.

  • Mild symptoms: Only 19 of 576 or 3.3% who had close contact wound up infected.
  • Moderate symptoms: Only 82 of 1469 or 5.6% who had close contact wound up infected.
  • Severe symptoms: Only 5 of 155 or 3.2% who had close contact wound up infected.
  • Critical symptoms: only 11 of 105 or 10.5% who had close contact wound up infected.
All that stuff we were told about how super-contagious COVID-19 is was just as much BS as the garbage about its unprecedented deadliness.

Once again, lengthy and close exposure come up as significant transmission vectors.  Nothing else.

You have T-cells and they have a BIG part to play here:

...the fact that it’s so darn hard to transmit the COVID-19 virus to others wouldn’t, itself, be surprising if there weren’t something else very important that Fauci and Redfield aren’t telling you.

You see, it turns out that an extraordinary number of people have pre-existing and often very long-lasting “crossover immunity” to the COVID-19 virus from having been infected with older strains of coronavirus, many of which cause nothing worse than a common cold....

So why do Old People have such trouble with this disease?  Because Old Folks lose their T-cells, just like they lose mental acuity.  Think Biden-ized.

Looks like the Teachers' Unions & Democrats & MSM (triple self-repeat!!) will be searching for another Scary Death Disease Myth soon.   Be prepared.

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