Sunday, August 30, 2020

More on the Covid Fraud

 Chris Ferrara, who will shortly be a household name in Madison-area Catholic households, did a little analysis of the CDC's recent re-working of Covid numbers.

It ain't good for the Covid-Porn industry, nor for the Tin-Pot crowd of bureaucrats, dweebs, and ninny-Governors.

...According to the CDC, as of August 27, 165,946 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19. But are they really COVID-19 deaths—that is, deaths caused by that virus and not something else? Or have they merely been counted as COVID deaths when the real cause of death was not COVID? If the latter is the case, Americans have been the victims of a massive scientific fraud. 

The CDC’s own chart of the “provisional death count” presents evidence of fraud in plain sight....

How so?

... first of all, the column header above the total of 165,946 supposedly COVID-caused deaths to date: “All Deaths Involving COVID-19”. Involving? Not quite the same as “caused by,” is it?...

No it's not.  Not at all.

...Notice the column header “Deaths Involving Pneumonia, with or without COVID-19.” Here, an article by Life Site News has cracked the case wide open. The author, Robert L. Kinney, III, notes that the primary cause of death when death is caused by COVID-19 is viral pneumonia, resulting from the virus invading lung tissue, which also presents as “acute respiratory distress syndrome” (ARDS) resulting from lung tissue inflammation by the virus. 

Now, by lumping together all pneumonia deaths, with or without COVID-19, the CDC makes it impossible to determine how many pneumonia deaths were the result of COVID-19 infiltrating the lungs, without which COVID-19 would not be the cause of death in the vast majority of cases (putting aside some evidence that the virus causes kidney and cardiac damage) — because without pneumonia or ARDS, the mere presence of COVID-19 is generally not lethal....

Oh.  You mean that CDC may have been cooking the books?

...Now, move over to the column headed by “Deaths Involving COVID-19 and Pneumonia excluding influenza.” Those deaths would have been caused by COVID-19 because it was COVID — not influenza — that caused the fatal pneumonia. And what is the total number of deaths in that column. Why, it’s only 73,398—a total no higher than what we see during a very bad flu season.

As for deaths by ARDS, Kinney notes that the CDC admits that, as of August 27, only 21,054 death certificates list ARDS as a complication of COVID-19. Take the two numbers rounded down together—73,000 COVID pneumonia deaths and 21,000 COVID ARDS deaths—and you have a total of 94,000 deaths, not 165,000 deaths, that were arguably caused by COVID-19....

*Scritch scratch scritch......* A FORTY PERCENT REDUCTION.  You don't have to take statistics to know that FORTY PERCENT is statistically significant.

Oh Hell No, it doesn't end there!!

...The CDC’s “Provisional Death Count” page further admits that the entire array of COVID death statistics has been fatally compromised by a new code for such deaths that permits a death to be counted as a COVID death when COVID “is listed as a ‘probable’ or ‘presumed’ cause … with or without laboratory confirmation.” That is, any number of reported COVID-19 deaths may never have involved the virus at all, but merely someone’s educated guess that COVID-19 was in the victim’s system.

Thus, we will never know how many people have actually died from COVID-19, because even when COVID is paired with pneumonia, as shown above—producing 73,000 deaths— or with ARDS—producing 21,000 deaths—we have no way of knowing whether the COVID part was confirmed by testing. Those deaths could have been the result of influenza A or B that was merely “presumed” to be COVID without testing to confirm it....

Or, as was the case in Florida, the motorcyclist who hit a tree and died, well, his death was adjusted to become "Covid."  In another state, someone who was thoroughly ventilated by high-speed lead was also a "Covid death."

C'mon, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!

These bureaucrats need their jobs, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!  Without Covid-Porn, we wouldn't need them at all.  How would the Deep State persevere then??

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