Sunday, August 09, 2020

Mass Masque

So yah, here in Wisconsin the Governor, 'Tin-Pot Tony' Evers has decreed that his subjects WILL wear masks indoors. 

At Mass today, I noticed something interesting.  By and large (there were exceptions) the people wearing masks were also wearing shorts.  And the people NOT wearing masks were wearing adult clothing; slacks, or in the case of ladies, modest skirts.

(I hasten to add that there is NO DOUBT in my mind that those not wearing masks have a medical condition excusing them from that mandate.  I add that because one would not want the Archdiocesan Karen Korps making life more difficult for the pastor.)

Hmmm.  Civilized/respectful dress, no mask.  Childish/dis-respectful dress, mask.

Maybe there's a lesson in there.

Overall, about 40% were wearing masks.  Not all of them were in children's clothing.

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