Thursday, August 27, 2020

Gov. Noem Names Greta Neubauer

The Neubauer family did very well with its janitorial-supply business for 150 years or so; then the company was sold.  That put a lot of cash into Neubauer hands.  Meantime, the Neubauers became the voice and person(s) of Leftist politics in Racine.

The youngest Neubauer, inheriting the mantle--and the Leftism--of the family, declared her support of the Kenosha riots.  No surprise there.

In fact, it's not a surprise at all, according to Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota.

...Scattered throughout Noem's handmade history lesson of the nation's founding and development was the simple and radical explication that our nation is not divided between right and left but rather those who can either afford these riots and shutdowns or profit off of them and those who cannot....

We doubt that Rep. Neubauer will "profit" from the riots, although janitorial-supply companies most certainly will.  But she does not have to be concerned about keeping a business running, does she?

...Left fending for businesses they've invested their entire life savings into or homes or schools or even simple mainstays of their society are the plebians with no class points to score among the unemployed liberal arts set. And those looking to riot and protest their way into the new ideological bourgeoisie are those looking to distinguish themselves from the poor folks who have to care about material things instead of raised fists and perfect pronouns....

Little Miss Neubauer may represent a few folks in Racine, but one suspects that her great-great-great grandpa would not think well of her 'liberal arts set' and its dainty raised fists.

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