Sunday, August 30, 2020

Remember How Democrats Shamed You?

When all the Democrats and their sheep shamed you for being sympathetic to Kyle Rittenhouse--remember that?  Or when they shamed you for being upset at the property damage, arson, and theft, because "it's only property"?

Remember those days??

After all, Democrats and their sheep are for "justice."

So here's a bit of their "justice" talk:

“I am not sad that a f—ing fascist died tonight,” says a woman at the antifa gathering in downtown Portland. The crowd laughs and cheers.

That followed a cold-blooded execution of a Patriot Prayer member.  And no, Patriot Prayer is NOT a "Far-Right" group.  

Oh, and how about that speaker at the "peaceful" Kenosha rally:

...But near the end of the rally, one man introduced as "our president" strayed from the message by saying, “If you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours.”...

Don't hold your breath waiting for Pelosi, Schumer, Hildebeeste, Evers, or any of their PR team in "the press" to call out the lard-assed broad that made those remarks.

Just buy more ammo.

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