Monday, August 24, 2020

What Next in Kenosha?

 A company of the National Guard will be in Kenosha tonight.  They may or may not have deadly weapons.  

They will be facing insurrectionists from all parts of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  Last night, the Antifa/Marxist/BLM members present brandished at the cops, which inspired The Captain:

...They brandished firearms, and they did so at the police.  All the police did was throw gas from the vehicle to move them back so they could drive away.

Then as they drove off, the rioters shot at the police vehicle.

So as you watch this, ponder these questions: “Do you have any doubt left in your mind that in order to stop the communist revolution, these people are going to have to be shot?  If they will do this to the police, do you have any doubt left in your mind that they would do this to you?”...

So happens we have personal interests in Kenosha and if things get too spicy, we will arrive there and will be armed.  Unlike the police or NG's, civilians threatened with death or great bodily harm are "weapons free."

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