Saturday, August 15, 2020

Mickey Mouse, Prolific Petitioner

 Bice always has interesting tidbits.  Here he discusses the Kanye West nomination-papers foofafferie, which includes disputes over signatures.

...Among those signatures were several that stood out, including ones by Mickey Mouse, Bernie Sanders and even Kanye West. Actually, there were two of these.

...An attorney for West shot back by saying the burden is on the Democratic Party to prove that these are not real Wisconsin voters. That's the way the system works, he said. ...

Mickey Mouse has a track record of signing petitions in Wisconsin.

...The lawyer did not point out that state regulators allowed signatures by Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler back in the recall election of then-Gov. Scott Walker....

Who knew?

The Democrats don't want the black guy on the ballot.  Mickey does.  And Mickey disapproved of Scott Walker as did Adolf Hitler.

So how about "Mickey, the Mysterious Mouse"?

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