Monday, August 17, 2020

Why They Hate Trump

 V D Hanson has a few good ideas about TDS.

....maybe Trump’s don’t-tread-on-me brand could be defined as a remedy, a promise no longer to lose nobly rather than to win ugly (the last Republican to do so had been George H. W. Bush in 1988). ...

Or maybe the rub was rather than being defensive about having neither prior military nor political experience, Trump was boastful and strutting about just such inoculation from Washington. Whereas his haters believed he was unscientific in not consulting with the beltway intelligentsia, he countered not only that they were overrated, but to most outside their bubble were themselves silly, self-important, and superfluous. 

Most hated Trump not because he hated or ridiculed them, but because he found them useless, as we saw from the fixations of John Brennan and James Clapper to the dazed pundits of NeverTrump to the wise men of the retired military....

It was obvious to most of us by the end of the '80's that DC was the Giant Sucking Hole into which tax and debt-financed extra money flowed and damn little return was apparent on those dollars.   

"Silly, self-important, superfluous, and useless" is accurate, but it leaves out something else that most people think:  they are completely convinced that the USA should sunset in favor of Global Gummint.    One look at the UN tells you all you need to know about that idea.

Anyhow, we are not ready to "sunset" for the convenience of the Egghead-and-Grifter class, even if they wear 4 stars or have graduated  from Congress, or write pretty stuff.

Another way to phrase that:   FOAD.

That's not quite what The Donald told them, but that's what he means.  And so do we.

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