Thursday, August 13, 2020

Morales Goes for the Gold

 Just as we predicted on July 30.  Milwaukee property-owners are going to get swatted.

...Attorney Frank Gimbel also said the former chief is exploring the possibility of filing a federal lawsuit over his demotion.

Gimbel said he is waiting for a formal explanation from the Fire and Police Commission detailing its reasoning for the unanimous vote....

Morales' case for damages could be won by a 1st-year law student.  Gimbel could sleep through this one.

...Gimbel said the commission did not follow precedent in informing his client of the specific issues it had, nor did the commission allow Morales and his team an opportunity to respond and question any claims.

Gimbel said Morales plans to file a claim with the city of Milwaukee for monetary damages. He added there are plans to file a federal civil rights lawsuit on three issues: taking Morales' property, specifically his $149,000 salary, without due process, breach of contract and wrongful discharge.

Gimbel said he will ask a Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge to review and set aside the demotion, effectively returning Morales to the chief position....

Frankie threw in that last part just for shits and giggles.  But he could win that reversal; it's not what Morales really wants.  Just show him the money.

So, as we suggested in our 7/30 post, Milwaukee residents should review their property-tax bills against a huge increase in the City portion.  We realize that reducing the police budget by 50% will reduce taxes, of course.  But that will be offset by the increase in your home-and-car insurance premiums.

Wanna bet??

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