Sunday, August 23, 2020

Bill Barr: Teacher's Union Is the Systemic Racist

 Bill Barr calls it like it is.

If you want to find "systemic racism" in America, then look no further than the public schooling system, which is "maintained by the Democratic Party and the teachers' unions," said Attorney General William P. Barr. The entire system keeps "inner-city kids in failing schools," he added. 

"And people talk about implicit racism or systemic racism," said Barr during an Aug. 13 interview on Hannity. "The racism in this country, look no further than our public education system."

"That's a racist system, maintained by the Democratic Party and the teachers union," he said, "keeping inner-city kids in failing schools, instead of putting the resources in the hands of the parents to choose the schools to send their kids to."

Not likely you'll see that quote in the local rag, nor in the TeeeeVeeee "nooz."

You CERTAINLY won't see it in Prairie Pravda, and nobody in the press has the gonads to ask Evers/Gau about that quote.

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