Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Yugo and the CZ Pistol

 Own a CZ?

You will be just delighted to learn that CZ also manufactured the Yugo.

....“I’m looking at [the car] and I said, ‘Ugh! This is really primitive!’ ” recalls Ciminera. But Bricklin was desperate. So the next day, he and Ciminera toured the Yugo factory, the owner of which, the aptly named Crvena Zastava (or Red Flag) Works, also made machine guns. The building was dark, the floors greasy, and Ciminera was shocked to discover smoking workers stepping into cars with dirty shoes on and newly stamped fenders being thrown into bins. It was a disaster. But because the Yugo cost about $2000 wholesale, Bricklin figured he could cover the car’s homologation and sell it stateside for just $3990, which he did in August 1985....

Think about that before pulling the trigger next time.

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