Monday, August 17, 2020

Sen. Ron Johnson Still in Dawdle-Mode

 McKenna has Ron Johnson on the phone.

S'pose she'll ask Ron if he will hire Hewitt to grill Comey?  Brennan?.....

Oh, wait.

Ron won't subpoena those criminals because Romney. Or something.  Whatever.

Keep stringing it out, Ronny.  Be sure to send begging letters to everyone when you run for Governor.


Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to tell Johnson anything but lies, so why bother. Unlike Durham, Johnson has no tools available to force the truth to be told.

Dad29 said...

Let them lie under oath, like they already have done. Then the referrals to Durham will have some teeth.

Anonymous said...

If Sundance does his thing maybe there won't be anywhere to hide and the lies will become pointless.