Thursday, August 27, 2020

Cold, Hard, Analysis

 The Captain is not Susie Sunshine.  

Following his recap of various US Intel assessments of Antifa/BLM, he has the following:

...It is a mistake of profound proportions to see the protests and riots as peaceful, or “mostly peaceful,” while being “hijacked” by a minority of violent arsonists, looters, and gangsters.  The protests and riots are in fact being conducted by arsonists, looters and gangsters.

To be sure, Antifa and BLM have used human shields to prevent law enforcement from intervening, in one case a man in a wheelchair.  They seem to evaporate when outnumbered or encounter resistance, but this may be more of a tactical approach rather than an indication of weakness.

The real war hasn’t yet begun, and unless the forces of collectivism withdraw (estimated to be highly unlikely), this war will be fought in the suburbs and rural areas of America with AR-15s, pistols and scoped hunting rifles.  It may be one thing to control the cities where they have sympathetic politicians and police who are sensitive to bad publicity.

It’s entirely a different thing to ruin housing prices and destroy earned wealth over a lifetime, endanger women and children in neighborhoods and schools, and rob and steal from otherwise peaceable men.  These are just skirmishes, and the violence is estimated to be very likely to increase regardless of the outcome of the upcoming elections....

It's clear from Madison and Kenosha (not to mention Seattle, Chicago, and Portland) that city and county officials have muzzled the police and sheriffs hoping that the bad boys and bad girls will be better. 

They won't.  

It's at that point when patriot-citizens--real ones--chamber the rounds, flick off the safeties, and ventilate the aggressors.  "Civic officials" pulled those triggers, not citizens.

Should the "civic officials" decide to use the police to quell insurrections and riots, patriot-citizens will go home and resume normalcy. 


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“…officials have muzzled the police and sheriffs hoping that the bad boys and bad girls will be better”. Another interpretation would be the said officials support the riots.