Thursday, August 20, 2020

Bill Barr v. Chisholm, Ozanne, et. al.

 One AMAZING trick to reduce crime!!!

...“The police do — get the suspect and get the evidence,” he continued. “The system falls apart in the prosecution and trial and the sentencing stage. And what’s happening these days in the country is we’re going back to some of the old practices we followed in the ’60s and ’70s where there’s revolving-door justice and people are not being held. They’re not being held before trial when they’re dangerous.

Barr then discussed a possible solution to the country’s nascent crime wave. “I think if you go to most of these big cities that are experiencing an increase in violent crime, and you go to the police departments, they will know who the shooters are,” he said. “They will know exactly who the shooters are. And they’re not that many of them, relatively speaking. Two, three hundred, that if you took off the streets, you would more than half violent crime.”...

Who knew?  Hard-assed D.A.'s and criminal-court judges actually save lives.   Black lives, white lives, blue lives....all those lives.

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