Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Little Vote-Fraud

 You've not heard of this as this linked essay makes clear.  S'pose it's because you are not SUPPOSED to hear about this sort of thing?

...So who is Reed and why is she newsworthy? In June, she is alleged to have to have mailed out around 300 ballot requests to voters with the Democratic Party box already checked off. Some how the police got wind of her “shenanigan” — perhaps with the help of election officials who say Reed is not affiliated with their office — and Reed was arrested. She has since been charged with “unauthorized absentee ballots,” which is a level 6 felony. If found guilty, she faces six months to 2.5 years behind bars and a fine of up to $10,000....

Only 300?  She couldn't get a school-crossing-guard no-show job in Chicago for only 300.  But she's in Evansville, IN., and that could be the difference in a Mayor's race.

But it's only a little fraud, as my now-deceased Milwaukee Democrat pol would say, while winking.

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Anonymous said...

"S'pose it's because you are not SUPPOSED to hear about this sort of thing?"

More like it was a local news story that is easily found on the Internet.

"But it's only a little fraud".

Let's be clear here. She broke the law. Here is what law she broke. She’s accused of sending absentee ballot applications for the primary with the party already checked. She did NOT manipulate actual ballots. In other words, she pre-marked ballot applications.

So, it is accurate to claim that Reed, who is a member of her county’s Democratic Party’s precinct committee, was arrested on suspicion of partially filling out about 300 ballot applications that would have signed up recipients for the state’s Democratic primary without their consent.

However, elections officials say they caught the error and reissued impacted voters new applications to request ballots for the political party of their choosing or to abstain from voting in partisan primary races. So it is false to assert she faced a criminal charge for allegedly preselecting Democratic candidates on numerous residents’ ballots.