Friday, August 14, 2020

Obama Gave the Call to Arms

Since Barakh Hussein Obama is as much a part of the Radical Left as is Bill Ayers, Bob Avakian (note the Chicago address) or the now-dead Dwight Armstrong,  one expects Radical Leftist talk from him.

And we got it, although not too much of America was paying attention at the time.  Obama gave his call to arms at the "funeral" of John Lewis.

.... Obama dropped every pretense of republican tolerance and laid his cards bare. The filibuster must go; Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. must become states. Politics has become totally uncompromising. Every possible measure to shore up majority rule must be taken at once, and the “bitter clingers” of old habits must be crushed—forever....

Most of us understand that "majority rule" has nothing to do with a representative republic--which is the way America was founded.  Don't be telling your children that we live "in a democracy."  We don't--by design.  And the very last thing you want is "majority rule."

Thus spake Obama, the Revolution's Leader:

...America was built by John Lewises. He, as much as anyone in our history, brought this country a little bit closer to our highest ideals. And someday when we do finish that long journey towards freedom, when we do form a more perfect union, whether it’s years from now, or decades, or even if it takes another two centuries,...

Umnnnhhh....."When we do.........."??  For Obama, like all progressives, the founding is nothing more than an idea, an abstraction to be written over at the soonest convenience. It is a rhetorical flash, a tool to be used against the founding itself. Every time it is mentioned in his speech, it is a mere justification for the present revolution until that “blessed destination” of perfect equality has been reached. 

...His speech could be seen as a reply to Donald Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech: one was a defense of America as a concrete nation with a tangible, lived heritage that must be preserved; the other was a Jacobin call for revolt against America, ostensibly in the name of American values....

Maybe he thinks his time is getting short (it is) and he must motivate the troops.

Based on what we're seeing in Seattle, Portland, and Chicago (and next week in Milwaukee), the motivation is working just fine.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Wisconsin...

You really should be paying closer attention to how our representative republic is under attack by Trump. What possible cost-cutting measure does removing existing mailboxes and mail sorters support? None, of course. Trump admitted that he is using his crony postmaster general to try to steal the election by suppressing votes.

Dad29 said...

Ahhhhh.......another Union Man!!

The "cause" is efficiency, of course. Antithetical to any Governmental unit, although industrial unions have figured out that efficiency is their friend.

USPO's 1750's-era (yes, SEVENTEEN-FIFTY) is a bit outmoded, no?

Trump should suppress votes to make up for the Xerox-machine "votes" submitted by Democrat operatives. Not likely that Trump can win that battle, as Democrat slime has been practicing for decades, but I congratulate him for trying!

Dad29 said...

By the way, have you ever heard of "replace old shit with new/better shit"?

Bozo. Truly, you are a bozo.

Trump intends to suppress over 1,000,000 Wisconsin votes from MKE and Madistan this year, and I'm going to help him!!

Anonymous said...

I was waiting in line to deposit my cursive handwritten paper letter into the neighborhood mailbox. It was a long, long line. Slowed by the multitude of my community comrades, also waiting to deposit their first class stamped paper envelops into the government drop box.

Time passed slowly in the queue, until I happened to notice a vote wander by. Acting quickly, almost by instinct, I suppressed that vote. I suppressed it with all my might until it to ceased to register. That vote will never plague my neighborhood again.

Then out of seemingly nowhere, a brilliant light and the image of Donald Trump smiling at me. Then a postal worker showed up and emptied the bin, as my proximate human colonists went back to our quarantine approved quarters to watch television broadcasts.

Anonymous said...

"The "cause" is efficiency, of course."

You mean the cause is voter suppression by Trump's toadie. It's laughable you make this argument, considering his presidency has been other than efficient, and that it was only until he realized that citizens regardless of political stripe desire this form of voting which may lead him to lose did he spring into action regarding "efficiency".

USPO's 1750's-era (yes, SEVENTEEN-FIFTY) is a bit outmoded, no?

"Trump should suppress votes to make up for the Xerox-machine "votes" submitted by Democrat operatives."

You are peddling Fake News.

"Trump intends to suppress over 1,000,000 Wisconsin votes from MKE and Madistan this year, and I'm going to help him!!"

At least you are admitting to cheating your fellow citizens.

Dad29 said...

Sure. Remove/Replace rusty old corner mailboxes = vote suppression.

But this is new: I just got a call from Don, Jr., who told me that Trump will actually suppress 1,500,000 Wisconsin votes, not just 1,000,000. This will happen because Trump will order all Post Offices CLOSED beginning October 15, ending November 30th---long after 'late votes' are allowed.

Please don't tell Rachel MadCow.

So suck a weenie, pal.

Anonymous said...

"Sure. Remove/Replace rusty old corner mailboxes = vote suppression."

The timing of this plan only demonstrates the purposeful action of a Trump donor in a position of authority to assist his pal to steal the election. Of course, if the situation involved a Democrat engaging in this action, your blood would boil. So you are definitively lying here, which I thought is no-no for you as an alleged Christian.

There is no legitimate reason for the Postal Service to remove NOW 671 high-speed mail-sorting machines nationwide, a process eliminating 21.4 million items per hour’s worth of processing capability from the agency’s inventory. Furthermore, the Trump pal banned postal workers from making extra trips to ensure on-time mail delivery and cracked down on overtime hours. As a result, localities across the country have struggled with backlogs of up to a week, hamstringing local businesses and delaying the arrival of prescription medications, Social Security checks, and bills. So the strategy is overall harming Joe Q. Public.

"This will happen because Trump will order all Post Offices CLOSED beginning October 15, ending November 30th---long after 'late votes' are allowed."

Fortunately, that is illegal. I thought you were all about law and order???

You really should learn about the history of mail-in voting.

The controversy surrounding mail-in voting has roots back to the Civil War. Before then, only the state of Pennsylvania granted soldiers absentee voting rights. That changed as thousands of men remained deployed far from home in the buildup to the 1864 presidential election. From 1862 to 1865, 20 northern states changed laws requiring in-person voting to allow deployed soldiers to vote. (Read about why the U.S. has never delayed a presidential election—even during the Civil War and 1918 flu.)

The issue quickly became partisan: as Republican candidates supported the cause and appealed to soldiers for their vote, Democrats feared that Republican military leadership would tamper with the results. They complained of Republican interference and accused them of trying to steal the vote and, as a result, were painted as anti-soldier and saw their popularity drop. (The Confederate States voted in its own election.)


There is no evidence that mail-in voting increases electoral fraud. A recent Washington Post analysis found 0.0025 percent of votes were deemed possibly fraudulent in the 2016 and 2018 elections. In 20 years and 250 million mail-in votes, there have been only 143 criminal convictions related to fraudulent absentee ballots.

In the 2016 presidential election, 33 million votes—almost one-quarter of the total—were cast by mail. President Trump appointed a commission to investigate voter fraud after claiming that millions illegally voted. It later disbanded without evidence to support his claim.

Trump has claimed that if mail-in voting were adopted nationwide “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” (Trump himself votes by absentee ballot in Florida.)

Dad29 said...

Talk about a "learning deficit," pal......

YOU should learn the difference between ABSENTEE VOTING and the current fraud-fad "mail-in voting."

Actually, as in Nevada, it is "mail-OUT" voting; the State simply mails boxcars of ballots to voters--at addresses from 4 years ago. Then someone---who knows who?--fills them out and mails them back.

Not all that different from the California fraud-fad "vote harvesting" where the political party's operatives pick up a couple bales of ballots, goes to a nursing home, and "helps" the Biden-Brained-Bunch to "vote."

As to liceity: don't make me laugh at your stupidity. Ask any Bank or credit-card company: fraud is DESIGNED to be un-noticed.

In the good old days, you could find lots of (R)/Consrvatives who were naive enough to believe that Democrats were just as honest as Conservatives are. Those days are long gone, friend. Your Party has made a very lucrative industry out of cheating-for-power-and-money.

As to your ridiculous assertions about "Trump friend killing off" the Post Office--I'll give you a chance to retract those claims so you don't look like a total and complete moron. An institution run by its unions rather than by management is an institution which will fail. See, e.g., GM and Chrysler for recent examples.

Anonymous said...

"Talk about a "learning deficit" pal...."

That would be YOU projecting.

"Actually, as in Nevada..."

Here is the factual story rather than your made up version.

"Not all that different from the California fraud-fad "vote harvesting"...

The Republican leaders vowed to boost their own efforts after a Democratic thumping in the 2018 midterms. Yet, within the three months, they reversed course and stated it's "an intolerable risk to public health and safety" and that “it directly violates social distancing measures and causes the exchange of a physical item that has been in a person’s household and likely contains saliva which is known to spread COVID-19".

It is widely practiced and rarely found to be abused--more than half of states allow a third party to collect ballots. And political groups and campaigns from both parties have run ballot-collection programs aimed at boosting turnout and ensuring voters who are older, homebound, disabled, or live far from U.S. postal services can get their ballot returned.

"Ask any Bank or credit-card company: fraud is DESIGNED to be un-noticed."

Wow, you made a living here with a number of logical fallacies on this statement. Congratulations.

--Non sequitur. Designed to be unnoticed is not the same as fraudulent.

--Red herring. We are not talking about bank fraud, we are talking about alleged voter fraud.

--Apples to oranges comparison. These are two different types of fraud.

Moreover, one has to PROVE that there has been perpetual, widespread voter fraud in order to put measures in place, rather than put measures in place because of MERE SUSPICION.

Finally, Occam's Razor is applicable--something so perpetual and widespread like voter fraud goes undetected?

"Your Party has made a very lucrative industry out of cheating-for-power-and-money."

That would be gas lighting on your part.

"As to your ridiculous assertions about "Trump friend killing off" the Post Office..."

Not assertions, just facts, ma'am.

Speaking of facts...

Dad29 said...

Awwwwwwwww. Your half-assed limpwrist "arguments" fail. There is no truth in you, nor them.

Cite the WaPo? Why not CNN/MSNBC?

Happy to have lived in your alleged 'mind' for the last week or so. Now it's time for you to FOAD.

Anonymous said...

"There is no truth in you, nor them."

I suggest you obtain a primer on logical fallacies and educate yourself on them so you do not embarrass yourself in the future. The conversation requires a higher level of intellect than what you are currently displaying.

"Cite the WaPo? Why not CNN/MSNBC?"

It's not the source, it's the content of the source you have to disprove. I get it, dismissing anything out of your worldview keeps you safe from hate facts.