Sunday, August 30, 2020

First, Call It a "Conspiracy Theory"

Propaganda usually begins with a finely-tuned lie, but sometimes the sledgehammer lie will do.

Since 'conspiracy theory' is a handy way to smear people who think Bad Thoughts, 'conspiracy theory' is what the propagandists use these days.

A survey conducted by King’s College London in collaboration with Ipsos MORI looked at the correlation between compliance with COVID-19 regulations and where people got most of their news regarding the pandemic.

The study also examined how many of those surveyed believed in COVID-19 conspiracy theories circulating on social media....

You know about "conspiracy theories" because the Democrats love them and are convinced that Putin put Trump into the Oval Office, for example, or that Trump will never leave that office even if he loses the election, or that he uses the National Guard for politics.  That kind of stuff.

Ah......but Covid "conspiracy theories" are not like those. 

People who believe in conspiracy theories about the current pandemic are more likely to have broken lockdown rules, according to the study.

That's another way to say that people who 'break the rules' are Conspiracy Theorists!!!  DANGER!!  NUTBAGS!!! 


Here's another "conspiracy theory":

3 in 10 think coronavirus was probably created in a lab, up from a quarter at the beginning of April.

The Experts Who Cannot Be Questioned never heard of Wuhan's bio-weapons lab?  They should get out a bit more, don'cha think?

1 in 8 believe that the current pandemic is part of a global effort to force everyone to be vaccinated.

The Experts Who Cannot Be Questioned undoubtedly use Microsoft products.

One finding that is very positive:

...One consistent finding across all three studies was that mostly young people believe in COVID-19 conspiracy theories...

Meaning that young people have figured out that MSM is generally full of shit.

That's a good thing.



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