Thursday, August 27, 2020

"Riot Kitchen" Busted by Feds in Kenosha

This is very good.  It's interstate criminal activity, so these insurrectionists will meet Club Fed.

They claim to be a "kitchen service" for the poor, starving, peaceful demonstrators, all of whom are very good boys and girls and who will all go to med school to save the children in Africa.  Or something.

But this "riot kitchen" had rather unusual ingredients, don'cha think?

...The minivan attempted to drive away; however, Kenosha Police stopped this vehicle and ultimately forced entry to the minivan and arrested the occupants.

The vehicles contained various items that included helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and suspected controlled substances. The 9 individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct and are pending charging decisions by the Kenosha County District Attorney....

Here's the totally dishonest version of events provided by the Marxists:

...Riot Kitchen HQ just learned that our bus crew was arrested in broad daylight in #Kenosha today - kidnapped by feds in unmarked vans. We are currently trying to find our friends who were just there to feed people....
CNN will probably run with the latter explanation.  Because.

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