Sunday, August 23, 2020

Dane County Screws Catholics--Again

It has been known for at least 60 years that Madison is a decidedly anti-Catholic town, largely due to the overwhelming influence of the University of Wisconsin's flagship atheist/Leftist campus.* 

That anti-Catholicism extends to Dane County, a fiefdom of far-left Democrats, atheists, Marxists, collectivists, and other detritus.  It's San Francisco County less the glitzy wealth and pooped-sidewalk decor.

Dane County strikes at the Catholics (again.)

...Catholic school officials said they had no advance warning that Public Health Madison & Dane County would issue a COVID-19 school closing order. The health agency issued Emergency Order #9 after 5:00 p.m. CDT on Friday, August 21, sending Catholic schools and parents into confusion and anger just 60 hours before opening of the 2020-21 school year in many communities. Janel Heinrich, public health officer for Madison and Dane County; and Joe Parisi, Dane County executive, could not be reached Saturday evening for comment....

Dane County is playing the Bureaucrat Game here, making certain that nobody knows what's going on for planning purposes.

...On “numerous occasions” since July, county officials were asked to provide the metrics that would be used regarding the closing and opening of schools in light of COVID-19, [Bishop] Hying said. “These were not provided until Friday, leaving many of you, who have already gone back to work, with the added hardship of finding child care. Many of you have few if any options given this order.”...

Recall that only a few months ago, Catholics won a battle with Dane County over its clearly anti-religion and un-Constitutional restrictions on worship.

This little move is revenge, pure and simple.  The Bishop doesn't say that, of course.....but the little Tin-Pot Pipsqueaks of Dane don't like it when their bullying fails.

The other motive?  Preserving the Madison Teacher's Union.  Parents are pulling out of Madison public schools in favor of schools which are "in-person".  The less public-school students, the less State aids--thus, the less teachers needed.  While this order closes ALL the schools, you can bet that Madison Teachers' Union--after this order expires in FOUR WEEKS--will find all sorts of diseases making it necessary to "remote-teach" public school children.  Catholic schools won't.

There's a GiveSendGo site to help finance the (damned pricey) lawyers.  Visit and drop large money.

*For further info on the UW's Progressive destructionism, see:


Padre Vicente Capuano, S. J. said...

Resist. Those who do not have coronaphobia and do not believe the Madison health department can convoke classes in private homes. When I started working with schools for poor kids in Latin America we did not have a school building so we had classes in family homes. It can be done. Don't let them beat you.

Dad29 said...

Good idea, thanks!!

I should amend the post a bit: the UW-Madison was denounced by Catholic Bishops back in the early 1900's for the UW's position on eugenics.