Monday, August 31, 2020

Actual Reporting!! Kenosha Riots "Organized"

Here we have a 'net publication which does actual reporting.  And guess what?  They report very interesting stuff!!

A local Kenosha resident told Wisconsin Right Now that he saw a man with a walkie talkie organizing and directing eight carloads of people right before arson fires broke out in the direction they drove.

Corvette Thompson, a military veteran, told us in an interview that he finds it suspicious the fires broke out so soon after he saw the man giving orders to the people.

...“Those were out of town people.”...

...“They were organized. I didn’t know what they were going to do…They was like man, ‘We’re going to go here…’ He (the leader) gave them orders. They took off and left. Like eight cars. They went down here to 63rd. They turned right. The next thing I know, all uptown was on fire,” he said, referring to Aug. 25. “Most of them giving the orders was Black guys. They was like bullet proof stuff and walkie talkies. They was organized as hell. There was like eight cars of them…” 

"Hell" is dead-accurate, Mr. Thompson.

There are FOUR tee-vee stations in Milwaukee and one (formerly) major newspaper.

None of them could find  Mr. Thompson.   

Jus' sayin'.....

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