Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Rep. Bowen Pushing for More Violence

This guy Bowen (D-BLM) is pushing the buttons which will result in more violence.

State Rep. David Bowen claims Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah fabricated elements of violence outside his home on Saturday night....

...Mensah wrote on Facebook the protesters tried to kill him and said he and his girlfriend were both assaulted, punched and shot at several times. He said "a shotgun round missed me by inches."

In a news release Sunday, the Wauwatosa Police Department said Mensah was  physically assaulted by protesters and a protester fired a single gunshot into Mensah's home. ...

Now we get to the first big problem with Bowen:

Bowen, who was at the protest
Note well:  Bowen does not tell us WHY he was there.  

... "It was very clearly communicated, as we were trying to figure out what happened, that it was Joseph Mensah, in that tussle, that turned off the safety on that firearm, and pulled the trigger," Bowen said in an interview with the Journal Sentinel on Monday. ...

So Bowen did not see anything; someone told Bowen that Mensah fired a gun.  And he's running with that?  Does he know anything about slander laws?

The Wauwatosa Police Department said the investigation is ongoing but wrote in a Monday news release that the facts do not support Bowen’s comments.

In another interview, Bowen also claimed--without evidence--that Mensah used pepper spray against the insurrectionists.  Again, he admitted that he didn't see that.

Rep. Bowen would be well-advised to shut his mouth before this gets a lot more bloody.

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