Thursday, May 30, 2019

Jesuits: "Let's Only Kill SOME Innocents!!!"

While listening to Mark Belling laud the new Jesuit Cristo Rey high school (catering to both boys and girls and targeted to the Hispanic population),  I also note that America magarag, a Jesuit publication, is looking for a via media on baby-killing.

...Many commentators recognize that these new laws are designed to mount a legal challenge to Roe v. Wade—but they fail to notice that these laws’ blunt restrictions are a mirror image of Roe’s broad rejection of any practical or effective limits on abortion. When abortion rights advocates defend Roe in order to reject any proposed restriction of abortion, they are taking an extreme position. That leaves no ground open for any compromise on less extreme laws. Pro-life legislators are going to meet the same tooth-and-nail opposition whether they aim to ban all abortions or, as recently seen in the U.S. Senate, attempt to require that infants born alive during an abortion receive medical care.”...--quoted at One Mad Mom
Well, then, I'll go all Goldwater:  Extremism in the defense of innocent life is a virtue.

And the (Jesuit-preferred) alternative?  Moderation in defense of innocent life is a VICE

I'm interested to know what the Jesuits teach the chilluns at Cristo Rey.  Aren't you?

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One Mad Mom said...

I'd just like to point out that these are not my quotes but quotes I quoted. LOL! That was all America Magazine's quote.