Saturday, May 18, 2019

Patriots Follow Natural Law, Pp. Francis!

There's plenty of nasty rhetoric being thrown at "nationalists" these days.  But "nationalist" is another word for "patriot."  And patriotism is a positive element of the natural law.  

It is....interesting.....that both Pp. Francis and the worldwide Deep State oppose this natural law (as does the Grand Orient and most of the Democrat Party).  At the same time, citizens in the West are rejecting "global governance", following the lead of none other than Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

Speaking in Rome, Cdl. Burke addressed the question.

...there are those who propose and work for a single global government, that is, for the elimination of individual national governments, so that all of humanity would be under the control of a single political authority. For those who are convinced that the only way to achieve the common good is the concentration of all government in a single authority, loyalty to one’s homeland or patriotism has become an evil," he said.
"The divine authority, in accord with the order written upon the human heart, does not make just and legitimate a single global government. In fact, the divine law illumines our minds and hearts to see that such a government would be, by definition, totalitarian, assuming the divine authority over the governance of the world," he added.

The Cardinal said that the "sinful pride which inspires the pursuit of a single global government has been likened to the pride of our ancient ancestors, after the Deluge, who thought that they could unite heaven with earth by their forces alone, building the Tower of Babel.” 

“On the contrary, God meets us and orders our lives for the good in the family and in the homeland.
It is remarkable that Donald Trump has become a leader of a worldwide revival of patriotism; since his election, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Brazil have followed, and England is in a national brawl over "Brexit."  Macron of France is fighting to retain his office, and Merkel of Germany decided to quit.

Even MORE remarkable is that Donald Trump is the single most pro-life President this country has ever had.  That raises the question:   Does Trump understand Natural Law better than Pope Francis?

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