Friday, May 17, 2019

Wiggy Goes Wigged-Out

James Wigderson, the successor to Charlie Sykes at, has a very interesting bass-ackwards take on recent Wisconsin elections.

It is true that Leah Vukmir, Scott Walker, and Judge Screnock lost due to .........lotsa......problems, not the least of which was "consultants" who probably cannot spell "cheese."

At the same time, however, Wiggy's NEVERTRUMPNEVERTRUMPNEVERTRUMP (get the drift?) bias shows.

...Judge Michael Screnock’s race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court ran into anti-Trump sentiment and didn’t have an effective media campaign. Former state Sen. Leah Vukmir had to fight an awful primary and ran an awful campaign at the same time. Gov. Scott Walker was defeated by complacency and one too many campaigns, not to mention the damage done (by Trump, too) during the 2016 campaign for president....

Odd.  Didn't Donald Trump WIN Wisconsin, James?  Are you in an alternate universe?

Your solicitude for "suburban Republican women" who dislike Trump is admirable.  However, the most recent SCOWI race did NOT depend on "suburban Republican women."  Instead, the race was won in Northern and Central Wisconsin, where Christians and Reagan Republicans are dominant.

There remains a fundamental error in Wiggy's analysis:  he confuses "conservative" with "Republican."  This leads to another fundamental flaw:  ignoring or dissing Christians, who are far more resentful of New York/San Fran crap than are the Planned Parenthood-Koch Brothers and their Pubbie athletic-club/Yale-club pals.  Short version:  religion DOES count and you ignore it at your peril.

Have a nice convention, Wiggy!!  Say hello to Candace Owens for me!!  I know that you deliberately distorted her position on Hitler, but that's looking like par for your course.  Disappointing, Jim.

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