Monday, May 27, 2019

Charlie Sykes' Descent Into Madness

Charlie Sykes often referred to himself as "a recovering liberal."

Well, "recovery" is over with.  Now he's relapsed.

For a while, Charlie was a garden-variety NeverTrumper with the usual licit complaints:  Trump the womanizer, Trump the Democrat-contributor, Trump the Barnum.  But then Trump won, and Charlie went into a pout which turned into a permanent curdling.  He was no longer eligible for a White House slot, and when Ryan quite and took his baseball with him, Charlie faced a lonely, horrible, life in Milwaukee's North Shore suburbs.

He began his descent with a permanent gig at PMS-NBC. 

It gets worse.

He's now catching fleas (or worse!) from Max Boot Military Historian and Foreign Policy Analyst, James Clapper Former Director of National Intelligence, Jeh Johnson Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Norman Ornstein American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar,
Leon Panetta Former Secretary of Defense, Former Director of the CIA, and Former White House Chief of Staff, and Rob Reiner Director, Actor, and Activist.

Yes, that's "The Clap" Clapper, perjurer extraordinaire, Max Boot, War-Monger (but only armchair for him, please), Panetta of the Clinton Gang of Thieves, Grifters, and Frauds, and a loutish, out-of-shape, Hairball from Hollywood.

The Cantina at Mos Eisley is a better place to hang out, Charlie.  Fair warning.

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