Monday, May 13, 2019

Pp. Francis Approves Medjugorje Fraud

This comes as no surprise whatsoever.

In a direct breach of a 2013 CDF decree, Pope Francis has decided to authorize pilgrimages to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, which can now be officially organized by dioceses and parishes without being restricted to a private capacity as before....
Well, compared to adultery-with-Communion.......umnnhhh........
But this is serious.
...The fruits of Medjugorie speak for themselves, which include a falling away from the sacraments, a departure from tradition, contempt for the priesthood, attendance at interfaith worship, entanglement in fake mysticism (sorcery), promiscuous behavior, and the illusion of unconditional mercy in spite of sin.

That is to say, Medjugorie is not Catholic but is a wing of the international New Age network that simply uses the name of Mary to bewitch the faithful with a new gospel. Medjugorie is all about advancing the Charismatic Movement, which is directly tied to the so-called renewal since Vatican Council II. It advocates one-world ecumenism and teaches that God works through other religions, which of course is heresy.

It was for reason that Bishop Andrea Gemma, the Vatican’s former top exorcist, described the Medjugorie visions as the "work of the devil."...
E. Michael Jones spilled several hundred barrels of ink on this "apparition" when it first came up, and concluded exactly what the local Bishops did:  it was a fake, but a big money-maker for the Franciscans.  There was no misunderstanding at CDF, and Bp. Gemma's words only make it far more serious than merely money-changing. 
As to Francis?  See Mark 9:29.
Then pray.  Harder.

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