Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Beware Cotton and Pompeo

Both those men--Cotton in the Senate, and Pompeo at DoD--are well-disguised Neo-Cons, and like their idiot brethren Sykes, Kristol, Boot (et. al.) the never-ending war is a good thing.

...the clever neoconservatives, such as Tom Cotton and Mike Pompeo, adopted the Brissot strategy. Continue the military crusade for universal ideals, continue to treat all non-democratic regimes with belligerence, continue to disparage the traditions of all other nations and cultures by asserting American moral superiority—but adopt and co-opt the language of Trumpian nationalism. Cotton and Pompeo are, after all, good Straussians, admirers of the late political theorist Leo Strauss. They understand that the masses live in dark ignorance and that smart philosophers can manipulate them into supporting universal ideals through the use of cant phrases like “Make America Great Again.”...
..........and to them, "making America great" will happen by "making every other country democratic republics."

They're dumber than Kristol.

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