Thursday, May 09, 2019

"Where Do We Find Such Men?"

Ronald Reagan, Hickam AFB, 1984

You know, many years ago in one of the four wars in my lifetime, an admiral stood on the bridge of a carrier watching the planes take off and out into the darkness, bent on a night combat mission, and then found himself asking with no one there to answer, just himself, to hear his own voice, he said, "Where do we find such men?''

A decade or so ago, after spending an evening with the first returning POWs from Vietnam, Nancy and I found ourselves -- as the evening ended, having heard the stories of horror and brutality by men who had been confined as prisoners of war longer than any other fighting men in America's history -- found ourselves asking that same question, "Where do we find such men?''

We find them where we've always found them when we need them. We find them where we found you -- on the main streets and the farms of America. You are the product of the freest, the fairest, the most generous and humane society that has ever been created by man.

Kendrick Castillo, RIP
Brendan Bialy
Joshua Jones

The student-men who attacked the shooters in Colorado.

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Praypraypray said...

Thank you for this post. God bless those real men. God bless you and your family and this blog.