Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Old Tesla? Better Buy a Backup Chevy

Gee, if my *shocked* face hadn't already worn out, you'd see it here.

Stories of Teslas "bricking" - a term for simply freezing up and becoming usable - have been far more ubiquitous then anyone would expect for a disruptive car company that's manufacturing "the car of the future". While the transition to a software-based car is a step in the right direction in terms of things like over-the-air updates, unavailable on many internal combustion engine cars, the software can also pose problems not seen on traditional ICE cars. 
It doesn't take much looking to find these "bricking" complaints. For instance, we found several examples of owners complaining about "bricked" cars after a simple 30 second Google search (see here, here and here, for starters). 

Now, the culprit for many of these "bricked" cars may have been identified: one simple chip in older Teslas increasingly drifting out of warranty, called the eMMC chip....
OK, so take it to a Tesla shop (not near you, no matter what) and get it replaced.

Not so fast, turkey.....

The issue with this chip first surfaced in a report by Roadshow  after a video detailing issue was uploaded to YouTube. The video (below) points out that when the eMMC fails, Tesla customers outside of warranty are simply out of luck. Why? Tesla doesn’t stock the part and won’t service it.

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