Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Paul Ryan's Real Home

Early on in this blog's existence, we were somewhat enthusiastic over Paul Ryan, largely because 1)  he was not a (D)-brand, and 2)  because Ryan kept talking about bringing Fiscal Sanity to D.C.

As the years and his rhetoric wore on, it became clear that Ryan was all hat and no cattle.  Not only did he NOT bring about Fiscal Sanity (not even a little bit); he continued to spend large on BabyKiller, Inc., and--more recently--blatantly opposed Trump's anti-invasion and pro-American-worker programs.

Well, it's rumored that Paul Ryan will be rewarded for his "Big Money First" policies.

...Thomas Donohue, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, is 80 years old. His board is pushing him to retire. The replacement they are looking at is former Congressman Paul Ryan. A perfect fit given the Chamber's agenda."...--quoted at AOSHQ
So maybe he's giving up his walled-in digs in Janesville?  If so, good riddance.

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