Sunday, May 26, 2019

Wacko-Bird or Cardinal?

Talk about swallowing the Kool-Ade!!

...In a dramatic message to the “scientific community” Friday, Cardinal Peter Turkson, the head of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, said that the world is undergoing a veritable “climate crisis, caused by man’s interference in nature.”

“The climate crisis is reaching unprecedented proportions. Therefore, the urgency could not be greater,” the cardinal said.

Warning that “we have only around a decade to limit this global warming,” Turkson said that the nations of the world must limit temperature increases to 1.5°C, which he called “a critical physical threshold, inasmuch as it would still enable the avoidance of many destructive impacts of climate changes caused by man.”...

Well, the Cardinal and AOC are on the same page.  In 10-12 years, it's all over.

+Turkson repeats every single lie, distortion, and exaggeration ever promulgated by the Climate Communists in his remarks (see the link.)  While there is a moral imperative requiring 'stewardship' of Earth, that imperative is largely encapsulated in the mantra "Waste not, want not."  Yes, that should be a Catholic watchword.

The Cardinal has--like Francis--made unforced errors in chatting about Catholic moral issues before, and those were about matters on which he should be very knowledgeable.  We find it unlikely that he has been given infused knowledge allowing him to yap about climate science.  Sloganeering, such as what he did here, does not lend credibility to either the Cardinal nor the Church.  For example, asserting that 'man interferes with Nature' without any further definition of those terms is irresponsible at best.  One hopes that the Cardinal can do better than that.

"Conserve.  Do not waste.  Pray.  If you prefer, pray first, then conserve."  That's a Churchman's best message.    Preach that, Eminence!!

Need an update on the Green Communist Manifesto bunch who have succeeded in making fools out of senior Churchmen (Catholic AND Protty)??  Go here.


Praypraypray said...

Pathetic. I remember reading in our old text books in school in the 70’s that we were going to run out of clean water by the 80’s or at least, by the 90’s! LOL! They’re at it again! “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” There should be a “Chicken Little” Award for these people. I guess a lot of them are already awarded large sums of money by globalists like Soros for their climate change junk/fake science. Just more fake news paid for by rich men with a terrible leftist agenda to try to scare the masses. Sadly, there’s a new one born every minute, as P.T.Barnum would say.

Dad29 said...

Yup. Chicken Little went Gimme The Money!!