Saturday, May 18, 2019

RoJo: Which of YOUR Children Would You Abort?

And here we have the bright line....

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said Saturday he opposes Alabama's new law aimed at eliminating almost all abortions and wasn't ready to get behind legislation that would ban the practice after six weeks.

Instead, the Republican from Oshkosh said he would like to impose a national ban on abortion after 20 weeks using federal legislation similar to laws in Wisconsin and some other states....
RoJo can't (won't??) quite admit that Roe was a horrible decision on the merits, so he wants to Federalize a law, and Federalize it for about 20 weeks after it's a baby.  In reality, Roe is likely to go away soon, and the several States will enact their own laws.

So, Ron, which of YOUR children would you abort because they only got to 19 weeks?  Hmmmm?

The "bright line" here is between the country-club Pubbies and actual Conservatives.  Not hard to tell which side of that line RoJo falls on, eh? 

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