Friday, May 24, 2019

Just a LITTLE Regulation, You See.....

Cadged directly from The Gorilla at AOSHQ.

Look, we're not coming after your abortion. All we want is some common sense abortion control. Like a one-year waiting period. And an exhaustive background check with mental health evaluation. Also, the purchase of a $200 tax stamp should be required. That's only fair. And doctors who do abortions should be licensed by the federal government, also with exhaustive background and mental health checks, and in addition they should have to pay a whopping big annual license fee. And the names of all abortionists and their patients should go into a national registry. But that's nothing anybody has to worry about. Rest assured, we would not presume to deny anyone the constitutional right to abortion. If you want your abortions, you can keep your abortions."

Oh, one more thing:  if anybody complains about the doctor--anonymously or not--that doctor will have his license revoked and his office and home will be searched immediately.  ANY "doctoring" tools found will be confiscated by the authorities until the doctor can prove that he is innocent.

That is all.

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