Thursday, May 30, 2019

Enemies of the State: Power, Donilon, Rice, Clinton, Obama

Yes, indeed, as time goes on, we learn more and more which adds up to this:  Obama, Power, Donilon, Rice, and Clinton were acting to further the causes of Iran and ISIS in the Middle East.  That makes them enemies of the US.

Clinton and Obama toppled both the Libyan and Egyptian governments, loosing an invasion of Italy from Libya and a Muslim Brotherhood (read:  terrorist regime) on Egypt.

Meantime, Rice, Donilon, and Power were undermining Israel, the US press, and the Trump candidacy with thousands of "unmaskings"--which were the results of illegally-obtained electronic records of every citizen of the USA.

Say what you like about Israel and Italy:  both are pretty damned good allies of the US.  So was Egypt prior to Obama's action.  And Iran?  They're trouble, not so much because they are a threat to Israel (they are not, really) but because they are major sponsors of the Muslim invasion of Europe and of Muslim terrorism there and in the US.

We're not likely to see trials and incarcerations (or executions) of these traitors.  But it sure would be satisfying if it happened.

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