Sunday, May 26, 2019

It's Always "Control"

My Prot pals may or may not know of Fr. George Rutler, a parish priest in Manhattan.  Hell's Kitchen, to be exact.  Fr Rutler is--arguably--one of the most learned historians currently active in the US.  He shares that position with Victor D. Hansen, albeit they specialize in different areas.


Writing on the Vatican's historic concessions to the Chinese Communists, Rutler gives us two gems.  First, a vignette on Chamberlain and Churchill:

...The appeasers who signed the Munich Agreement in 1938 do not enjoy a happy legacy, but then the thought of repeating the carnage of the Great War was unspeakable. In his first use of the term, back in 1911, Churchill described “une politique d’apaisement” as a wise strategy....

Yes, Churchill!

With that as prelude, Fr. Rutler then takes on the Red China agreement.  He certainly does not want to pre-judge the long-term outcome.  But he knows the score:

...The issue is not theology but control....

Look at the post immediately below this one.  Note the congruence?  It's control, not politics, not theology, not philosophy.  That's where J Edgar Hoover and Hillary (she of the FBI files) were coming from.  Substitute Comey, Brennan, and Obama--or FDR, Nixon, and Wilson....... 

And it works.

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