Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Better "Trump v. Democrat War" Theory

Z-man proposes a very fine alternative theory to the current phase of the Trump v. Democrat War.

...the Democrats are slowly inching toward impeachment, while Trump and his new consigliere are moving ahead with investigating the domestic spying scandal. Supposedly, Trump told Pelosi and Schumer he was done dealing with them until they dropped the investigations. This is probably just a lie fed to the willing media, as part of the war. Most likely, the offer to drop all of it was made by Schumer, but Trump rejected it, as he now has the better hand in this fight....
Makes a lot more sense that way, no?

Schumer and Alzheimo-Nan still use the press like a cheap whore (which is what it IS, after all) and expect that because The Press prints it, all the people will believe it.  After all, the people are just ignorant, smelly, clumps of cells, right?

Actually, that describes Schumer's and Pelosi's supporters very well. 

The rest of us?  Not so much.

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