Friday, May 10, 2019

The Warmongers' Stupid Slogan

Yah, the war-drumbeat is getting louder again.  Rubio wants an invasion of Venezuela and Mark Levin is all set to send troops into Iran.

Levin--thinking his audience is dumb as Democrat congressmen--uses the old "Better there than here!!" war-cry while chastising genuine geo-political intellects such as PJBuchanan.  (If you know history, you'll know exactly why Levin is pounding Buchanan on (((this))) topic.)

Rubio would like us to forget that Venezuela VOTED for their current "leader" AND voted for his predecessor.  He'd also like us to forget that the next guy in line is merely a paler shade of the socialist already in office.  For THAT we should lose several thousand lives?

Sure.  Iranian troops are going to join Venezuelan troops and run a 'pincers' invasion of the US any day now.  I'm certain that Rubio and Levin will pick up their AR's and join the active military to defend us. 


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