Friday, May 31, 2019

DeNiro's Clever, Lawyerly, Mis-Direction

Since Robert DeNiro is as crazy as a tick, any "list" he gins up deserves examination.

“Recently, over 1,000 former federal prosecutors, who served under both Republican and Democratic presidents have united to sign a statement to help Americans understand what’s actually in the Mueller report,” said De Niro, who portrays Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live.
Oooooh.  We are supposed to be impressed!!

But there's a good deal of smelly gas filling DeNiro's balloon when you click through.  Most of the "U S Attorneys" are merely Federal lawyers, who belonged to Federal employee unions.  They were hired like anyone else and hung around doing the job.  Look carefully and you'll also find that most of them had hung around on the Federal payroll since the Clinton administration.

Summary:  they were worker-bees doing a job.  Since they were "career" lawyers, 'serving under Republican presidents' doesn't mean ...........s&^%.  It only means they picked up a paycheck while a Republican was in office.

Now, then.  Who is this "Robert DeNiro" person?

And finally:  need you a reminder of the DoJ's errors, omissions, and blatant bias?  I didn't think so.

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