Thursday, May 16, 2019

Surprise!! Koch Brothers Hate Tariffs

Just in case you couldn't tell from Jay Weber's (WISN-AM) screeds, the Koch Brothers hate tariffs--and they let Jay read from their prepared scripts every day!

...In the wake of the latest round of tariffs, the Koch brothers’ organizations like the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and the Libre Initiative demand that the Trump administration carry out an agenda focused on free trade, as the Bush and Obama administrations did....
Well, Bush swallowed the Globaloney every day for breakfast, and Obozo hated the USA.  So?

..."Rather than continuing to push a strategy where both sides clearly lose, the U.S. should seek the elimination of all tariffs, quotas, and trade barriers that adversely affect Americans."...

Sure, boys.  Except that we are in the real world, dealing with liars, cheaters, and frauds like the Chinese Communists.  (Let me help you understand:  "Liars, cheaters, and frauds", like CongressmenDo you trust them, too?)

Good talk, boys.  Go sell more Fort Howard toilet paper!!

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