Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hey!! RoJo!! Call a Witness!!

Ron Johnson (R-WI) is the Chairman of the US Senate Homeland Security Committee.

We have lots of security problems in the US, some of which call for hearings and witnesses.

For example, there's Trump.

So, Ron:  how about calling Bob Mueller, snake extraordinaire, and asking him a bunch of questions about Trump, the Homeland Security Problem?

Or are you part of this group, Ron?

...I should mention that the Senate Republicans can call Mueller to testify, but I have little faith they will do that because they are sad, weak little men....Liz Shield,--quoted at AOSHQ
How about it, Ron?  You're leaving after this term.  Here's your chance to leave a REAL monument behind:  putting Bob Mueller into prison for perjury, faithless service, and generally treasonous activity, not to mention aggravated mopery.

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