Monday, May 13, 2019

SS, DD: Deep State vs. US Citizens

Gorka, a wonderful addition to the US, reminds us that the Deep State has been operating for several decades.

He re-tells the Nixon story, truthfully; a version not approved by Our Masters.

...The real story is that an incredibly vain self-appointed “elite” who fancied himself a Guardian of the Good and who became notorious as “Deep Throat,” spoon-fed information to the Post duo for over a year. (Remind you of anyone called Jim you know? Possibly a very tall former FBI director?) Woodward and Bernstein didn’t investigate anything. The deep state was in control the whole time. Who was the puppet master? None other than FBI Associate Director Mark Felt. 

As Marini writes, the media merely “served as a conduit by which the bureaucracy undermined the authority of the elected chief executive.” He adds, fascinatingly, that  “Geoff Shepard, a young member of Nixon’s defense team who has continued investigating Watergate using the Freedom of Information Act, has recently established as well that the prosecutors and judges involved in Watergate violated the procedural requirements that ensure impartiality, acting instead as partisans opposed to Nixon.” Can you say FISA Court? Can you say “Operation Crossfire Hurricane”?...
Ohhhh, Nooooooes!  Dirty judges and prosecutors?  

Would 100 hangings solve the problem?  Nope.  It would only be a start.


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