Saturday, May 26, 2018

Surber Reads Dad29? Apparently So.

Don Surber follows my lead.

The use of the state to spy on and infiltrate the campaign of a political opponent is the final proof of the truth that we have averted our eyes from for the last 14 years.

Barack Obama is a communist. Mild compared to Castro or Mao, but nevertheless a believer in state control of everything

No kidding!  Really??  Other than the atheism, continual lying, and tongue-bathing of all the Commies in the Western Hemisphere--and of course his idolization of Frank Marshall Davis---how come it took you this long, Don?

Surber goes through a bit of history, including this paragraph:

....The downfall of McCarthy protected the communists in our federal government. We put one -- John Brennan -- as head of our CIA....

"McCarthy" was a Senator from Wisconsin who named-and-shamed the Communists which infested the FedGov thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  McCarthy is hated by the Press-Left Axis despite the fact that he was correct on EVERY ONE of his calls.

And Brennan was put in place by the Communist Obama.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Russians have influenced our elections.  Barack Obama repaid the favor after the Russkis made certain that he would be the President.  Ponder that one, Ted Perry.

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