Sunday, May 27, 2018

Our Little Socialist Reporter-ette

Since the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel became a Gannett property, we can be entertained by Little Socialists from around the country!!!  This one, who is either ignorant as a brick or a socialist, or both, writes from York, PA.

Harley-Davidson workers across the USA are reeling from the planned closure of the motorcycle maker's Kansas City plant, yet it is expected to reap huge financial benefits from the federal corporate tax cut....

Well, sweetie, less sales mean less workers, no matter the tax situation.  But they don't teach that at Reporter School, do they?

We'll help you out, Socialisma.  Look at the staffing of the Gannett newspapers over the last couple of years.  Notice how it has dropped??  And yet, Gannett will also "reap huge financial benefits" from the tax cut.  So talk to your owners and remind them that they have some sort of responsibility to hire back all those chumps they cut!

See where that gets you, sweetie.

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